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Archive - Aug 2011 - Opinion

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August 29th

HOLLENBECK: Designer hospital gowns should be wave of future

August 29, 2011

Nobody likes to go to the hospital.
Correction: MOST people don’t like to go to the hospital. There are hypochondriacs who thrive on such experiences, but I don’t count myself among them.
I have known such individuals, including one now deceased, who was in my fringe family circle. She was an interesting woman when you could get her to talk about matters other than those that ailed her, but this was no easy task since she thrived on what my spouse calls “organ recitals.”
But that’s fodder for another day.

August 22nd

HOLLENBECK: Old telephone numbers tell priceless stories of another time, another place

August 22, 2011

Numbers have never been my friend. I embrace words with passion, but numbers are another thing altogether.
Words, their meaning and their usage come to me with little effort, but the same can’t be said for figures, and that would be just about in any form, including old telephone numbers.
Those I use regularly at work are fixed in my brain, but numbers of the past? Not even a dim memory where most are concerned.
The shining exception is the phone number I had when I lived in an apartment in Fayetteville as a young married woman. That number was Hillcrest 2-2287.

August 15th

HOLLENBECK: Bulletin bloopers bring out the best in church humor

August 15, 2011

Humor is great at any level and even better when it’s involving church folks who, I contend, are the best of the best. Those of us who have had the “joy” (that’s a euphemism for which you may substitute an appropriate word choice) of setting the church bulletin know how easy it is for a typo to get by that changes the meaning of an announcement.
The change sometimes can be embarrassing, but more often than not, is really, really funny.

August 8th

HOLLENBECK: Demise of favorite soap leaves void in daily TV life

August 8, 2011

Since “As the World Turns” concluded its daily rotations last fall, I’ve been off the soap opera circuit.
Can’t say I like it that way. I didn’t usually see the show live, but taped it for later viewing — after I had finally collapsed from that day’s fun and frivolity.
I miss that part of “life” as the soap moguls portrayed it. Although the plots had gotten really far out at times, it still had some elements of the ordinary life-death-and-everything-in-between struggles of the Hughes-Stewart clans that started the world turning a long time ago.

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