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Conservative Corner: Criminals don't obey laws

January 28, 2013

By Nancy Carlton

To be a criminal, by definition, is to be a lawbreaker. If a murderer breaks only one law in the commission of his felony, he is to the same degree a criminal as the man or woman who breaks 100 laws committing the murder.
To a rational lawmaker, then, the answer is not to make more laws, but to enforce the laws on the books, and to see to it that justice is done when someone breaks the law.

Common Sense: Less filling vs. tastes great

January 21, 2013

By Brent Davis, editor of The Saline Courier

Accusations of bias in reporting are something that every reporter, editor and publisher will face. That's ok. The written word, while often times inspiring and dramatic, has several inherent flaws. As opposed to listening to the spoken word, reading the written word does not contain the intent of the writer which is determined by the filter of the reader.

Sense and Nonsense: Same stuff, but different spelling. Is one right, the other wrong?

January 21, 2013

By Lynda Hollenbeck, senior editor of The Saline Courier

Fully aware that in this day of "eating healthy" I'm not being politically correct here, I'm still confessing that I'm a big fan of french fries and catsup.
Or should I say french fries and ketchup. I never know.
I don't eat them often, but I like them and I haven't eliminated them from my diet. I just faithfully take my cholesterol-fighting pill every night and keep on enjoying the verboten fare.

Reason left the gun debate long ago

January 21, 2013

By Steve Boggs, publisher of The Saline Courier

There is much more we can do as a society to keep guns out of the hands of unstable people, if only those bent on outlawing gun ownership didn’t control the agenda.
Right now they do, and these are scary times for the Second Amendment.

Common Sense: Shadings influence our life perceptions

January 21, 2013

By Brent Davis, editor of The Saline Courier

I was watching a television show one evening and the topic was our perceptions of reality. The program was filled with scientists and researches stating that the very images flashing before our eyes is not an accurate depiction of the world in front of us.
To prove their point, a group of test subjects was gathered and asked to determine which square on a screen was lighter than the other or if the two squares were actually the same shade of gray.

The Dem Party Line: Are America’s gun laws headed In the right direction?

January 21, 2013

By Clark Hopper, contributing writer

After the recent senseless loss of life at Newtown, CN, I have heard many suggestions about what to do in order to eliminate any reoccurrence. After looking at causes of gun violence in our society such as violence on television, news media, movies, video games, lax gun control and large gun magazine capacity, I feel you might need more information about recent changes to past and current gun laws.

Out of the Box: Freedom of religion for all

January 21, 2013

By Camille Nesler, contributing writer

Does anyone ever stop and think about how privileged we are in this
country to enjoy freedom of religion? Do we really appreciate the fact
that we can pray anytime, anywhere we feel the need? That we can go
into any church of our choice on a Sunday morning and worship without
being persecuted? Does anyone REALLY know what freedom of religion is
all about? Sadly, I think many people don’t have a clue. Or, they
mistakenly think it ONLY applies to Christianity. Sorry to disappoint
you, but the same freedoms that I enjoy as a Christian, apply to

Enter the Net: How does your family consume video?

January 21, 2013

By David Hughes, contributing writer

How do you and your family –consume- video? It’s now old hat to say “watch television” because today, video comes from many more sources than just on-air and cable sources. More and more what we watch on our “screens” had its beginnings somewhere on the Internet.
Note I said “screens,” instead of television set or “boob tube.” That’s because the Internet and Wi-Fi technologies have freed how you consume that video from being tied to the family television system.

Common sense: Message from 100 years ago still applies

January 21, 2013

By Brent Davis, editor of The Saline Courier

I like cemeteries. There it is. I've said it. There are days when I take a visit to one of the local cemeteries to walk around, clear my mind and think. When one opens their mind, it is amazing what one will learn.
During a recent walk through New Rosemont Cemetery in Benton, I came across a headstone with a touching epitaph. Messages found on the older markers were put there to remind of us the person buried nearby or as a means to express the sorrow and grief of those who are left behind on this mortal earth.

Common Sense: Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right ... here I am

January 21, 2013

By Brent Davis, editor of The Saline Courier

It is my studied opinion that no decade had better music than the 70s. The exception would be that timeless carryover from the 60s - the Beatles, a group that actually belongs to every generation since.

BENTON – Despite walking 10 Little Rock Vipers on Wednesday night, the Benton McClendon’s came away...
SHERIDAN – In their last matchup in mid-June, the Benton Panther legion high school team jumped on...
ARLINGTON, Tenn. – Austin Kelly gave up an unearned run in a complete-game finals win and the...


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