Alderman Brooks: 'I will no longer sign checks for (Mayor McMahan)'

Bauxite City Council is scheduled for a special meeting at7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 7.

The meeting was called by Alderman Karen Brooks. Joining in the request for the special session were Alderman Mona Struble and Alderman Paula Matthews.

If three aldermen request a council meeting, it must be held, according to Arkansas Municipal League rules.

In an email requesting the special meeting, Brooks stated, "The mayor continues to humiliate us three (Brooks, Struble and Matthews) in the media. He is not only making us look stupid, but himself as well and all of Bauxite. The three of us have never had secret meetings (nor) pre-planned any meetings. None of us three deserve this kind of treatment from our mayor.

"All trust has been lost with me, I am requesting a special meeting ASAP to have my name removed from all checking accounts again! I will no longer sign checks for our mayor, I will not sign my name on any document with Mayor Johnny McMahan.

"Mayor Johnny McMahan owes a public apology to us three and the citizens of Bauxite before his final day as the mayor of Bauxite."

In a regularly scheduled council meeting on July 21, Brooks asked to be removed from the checking accounts, saying, "I suspect illegal activity and I don't want my name on it. It's that simple."

Struble presented a motion to remove Brooks from signature authority and the council passed the measure by a vote of 4-0.

McMahan requested that the council name a replacement since two signatures are required on all checks. None of the council members volunteered and McMahan said, "If no one wants to sign checks, I guess we won't pay our employees."

Brooks agreed to continue signing the checks under the condition that McMahan place an ad to hire a recorder/treasurer for the city. Once one is hired, she asked that her name be removed from the checking accounts.

The council approved a motion to return Brooks' name to the signature list on city accounts.

Brooks said in her email requesting a special meeting, "I only agreed to stay on until we hired a recorder/treasurer, or someone else offered to sign checks. There has not been any advertising that I could find for hiring someone for the recorder/treasurer."

McMahan responded saying, "First of all, is anybody going to 'volunteer' in a 'special meeting' to be put on the signature card to sign checks for the Town of Bauxite? Please advise; if not, we (you) are wasting everybody's time."

Brooks responded, "I do not care who signs checks but after Thursday, Aug. 7, special meeting/workshop, I will no longer be signing checks. So I suggest we appoint someone new to sign the checks for the bills that need to be paid. Johnny's name-calling and lies to the media about us three (Brooks, Struble, and Matthews) has caused me to withdraw from signing checks."

At this time, no one has volunteered to replace Brooks if she is removed from the signature list at the Aug. 7 session.

The special meeting will take place at 7 p.m. and is open to the public.