Authorities confirm "no rape" at Bauxite Middle School

After two women told a Little Rock television news station that their children are in danger at the Bauxite Middle School, with one saying that her 13-year-old daughter was raped on campus, authorities are saying otherwise.
"We have been able to confirm through our investigation that there was not a rape (of the student) at the Bauxite Middle School," Lt. Mike Frost of the Saline County Sheriff's Office told The Saline Courier today.
He also said that the investigation is still continuing, and that this investigation began about two weeks ago. Frost also addressed a claim by the second woman's daughter during Fox 16's newscast, that "little girls are passing out alcohol" in which he said there was "no alcohol" found to be involved in the alleged rape investigation.
The Courier also spoke with Kim Arnold, assistant principal and public relations for Bauxite Middle School, who said the small town school district is "safe" for children to attend. She said there are cameras that monitor, everything.
"The students are safe here," Arnold said. "We have surveillance cameras in every hall, as well as teachers and staff monitoring. All student activity is monitored and recorded."
She also said that the Bauxite School District is fully cooperating with the Sheriff's Office on the investigation. Superintendent Jared Williams also noted that the doorway entrances and stairwells are also monitored with extensive surveillance camera systems.
Arnold said the school district takes necessary steps to ensure the safety of the students on all parts of the campus. She stressed again that "Parents can be assured that we are working with investigators and that the students here are safe."