Bauxite cracks down on waste hauling laws

Anyone hauling debris to the landfill without properly covering the load can expect to get ticketed.
An Arkansas law states that it is unlawful to transport litter, trash, or garbage unless the vehicle is covered to prevent its contents from blowing, dropping, falling off, or otherwise departing from the vehicle. This law applies to both individuals and commercial haulers.

Within the last 10 days, Bauxite police wrote one ticket and issued one warning that concerned this issue, according to Mayor Johnny McMahan.

McMahan noted, "The tickets are not well received and mostly they are given to commercial trash haulers. When we focus on the covered loads, it decreases the litter and trash in the area, which is the goal."

The Saline County Regional Solid Waste Management District has been enforcing this law since March 1, 2012. According to Michael Grappé, executive director of the district, everything possible has been done to ensure that residents of Saline County are aware of the law.

Grappé stated that there are signs in front of the landfill facing both directions, that notices are located on the district's website and Facebook page, and that fliers were passed out for three months prior to March of 2012.

Additionally, Gappé stated that anyone who takes advantage of the coupon program is given a letter with the hauling laws printed on the back. The coupon program provides each residential household in Saline County two free landfill passes.

The letter explaining the program specifically states, "The board also wants to remind you of the state of Arkansas' requirement that all loads in transit to landfills must be covered or tarped. The only exception is the hauling of metal."

Grappé stated that it is not the district's intent to write tickets.

The district pays Bauxite police to patrol the area by the landfill for one random day a month to ensure that residents are properly hauling the waste. According to state law, "Any person who violates this subchapter or any regulation of the Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission or of a regional solid waste management board shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. Upon conviction, the person shall be subject to imprisonment for not more than 30 days or a fine of not more than $1,000, or both imprisonment and fine."