Benton to get 'Cartoon' makeover

Benton is about to have its own pictorial graphic.

The Saline Courier advertising representatives soon will be calling on area businesses and organizations to develop a poster-size, full-color, cartoon artist's rendering of the Benton area.

The poster will be deserving of a frame, according to Saline Courier publisher Tony Cooper.

"This one-of-a-kind poster will permanently depict the personality of the community as it appears today," Cooper said.

He pointed out that this is a "unique and fun way of accomplishing a serious objective โ€” promoting the community."

The caricature graphics accentuate points of interest in the community, such as churches, schools, public buildings, landmarks, historical sights and โ€“ most importantly โ€“ the businesses in and around the area.

"Because community pride is depicted on the graphic, it is important that the residents of Benton receive one of these commemorative cartoon maps," Cooper said.

The Courier has made arrangements for all subscribers to receive maps inserted into their newspapers in July.

This insertion will assure the most thorough and positive delivery to the community, Cooper noted.
In addition to the insertion, the Benton Area Chamber of Commerce, participating businesses and The Courier will have copies available for ongoing distribution to newcomers, tourists, visitors and industrial prospects.