Bomb Threat Lands Hot Springs Man Behind Bars

A call that came into Hot Springs Police Department’s 911 dispatch center landed 54 year old Jeffrey Jay Spahn of Mailey Lane in Hot Springs in jail. Spahn was arrested by US Park Rangers on October 10th after a federal judge signed an arrest warrant charging him with Title 18 USC 844(e) making a threat of false information to the Government.
The investigation revealed that during the evening of October 9th, Spahn called 911 from another person’s cell phone and refused to identify himself to the dispatcher. During that call, and a subsequent call to 911 about 30 minutes later, Spahn threatened to “blow up the Hot Springs Mountain Tower if the Government did not get it’s act together”.
Spahn stated that he had placed explosives at the tower along with sensors in the area. An immediate investigation conducted by rangers with the assistance of the Hot Springs Police Officers and dispatchers, along with deputies from the Garland County Sheriff’s Office, indicated that the call had originated in an area where Spahn resides.
Spahn was brought in for questioning concerning the bomb threat and when he was confronted with evidence that he had made the bomb threat, he admitted to rangers that he had indeed placed the false call. Spahn had told the rangers that he was angry with the government and felt that he and veterans were being mistreated by the US Government. Spahn stated that he had been watching news reports of the government shutdown and after consuming a large amount of alcohol, he felt that he would make the anonymous 911 call threatening to blow up a portion of Hot Springs National Park.
According to Hot Springs National Park Chief Ranger John Hughes, the National Park Service will not tolerate persons calling in false alarms. “This type of behavior needlessly causes officers to be placed in danger.” For most of the night and through the early morning hours the next day, several agencies were working together in response to this false alarm.
Hot Springs National Park Rangers transported Spahn to Federal Court in El Dorado where a U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge has ordered him held without bond pending future court proceedings.

Source: Hot Springs National Park Service