Bryant bond issue back in discussion

Bryant bond issue back in discussion

Sarah Perry

Bryant City Council will be meeting in a special session at 6 tonight tonight to discuss a bond proposal previously rejected by voters.

This issue, which was voted down in May, has been revised to include only the park section of the bond, said Mayor Jill Dabbs.

The meeting was requested by Aldermen Wade Permenter, Brenda Miller, Rob Roedel and Scott Curtis. Alderman Mike Chandler also said he is in favor of the meeting but will be out of town, she said.

Dabbs also not be able to attend the meeting because she will be attending the Executive Committee Planning Meeting in Jonesboro. She did release this statement about the issue:

"I am not aware of the circumstances prompting this meeting so soon after the residents voted this issue down. I'm not sure of the benefit to holding this meeting until the residents and elected officials have had a chance to regroup and address the concerns the citizens of Bryant have expressed during our community assessments," she said.

Roedel said he requested the meeting because he has received several calls from residents about the council discussing this issue again, he said.

To meet deadlines and to get the issue on the Nov. 4 general election ballot, the council will have to pass an ordinance by Monday, Dabbs said.

During the Bryant Parks Committee meeting, all of the committee members voted against placing the bond issue on the November ballot if the street improvement projects are not part of the bond proposal, said Committee Member Lisa Meyer in an official statement.

Her entire statement about the issue is included in the Opinion page in today's issue of The Saline Courier.