CodeRED program reviewed for Quorum Court committees

The CodeRED weather warning system increases the safety of Saline County residents, according to Sam Gately, who reviewed the emergency weather alert program for Saline County Quorum Court members Monday night.

Gately, deputy director of the county's Office of Emergency Management, spoke at the start of the court's Public Works and Safety Committee meeting.

Gately noted that the program's slogan — "When seconds count, count on CodeRED" — is true.

Reviewing recent weather incidents, Gately noted that 159 residents received phone calls about a severe thunderstorm on July 23; 17 received emails; and 19 received text messages.

Later on that same day, when flash flood warnings were in effect, 569 received phone calls, 375 received emails and 635 received text messages, Gately said.

The county contracts with for the CodeRED service on a yearly basis, receiving some reimbursement. The annual cost of the service was reported to be $34,800.

During the Finance and Personnel Committee meeting, the JPs reviewed an ordinance related to election procedures. The ordinance notes that on Election Day, paper ballots or IVotronic voting systems will be in place at each polling site.

Voters who have handicapping conditions governed by the Americans with Disabilities Act voters will have the option of using either system to cast their ballots, according to the ordinance which will be presented for full court approval at the next meeting on Aug. 19.

In other matters, the committee approved a resolution authorizing the acceptance of continuation funds for the 2014-15 STOP Grant program.

The program provides funding to conduct ongoing investigation of domestic violence cases.

Since 2003 the program position has been grant-funded with federal funds received as a sub-grant from the state Office of Intergovernmental Services, Victim Justice and Assistance Program.

The county match requirement for the program is 37 percent, the major portion of which is met with volunteer hours.

The committee also recommended the approval of a resolution authorizing the acceptance of continuation funds for the 2014-15 VOCA grant program.

Since 2003, the position funded by the program has been grant-funded since 2003 with federal funds received as a sub-grant.

The county match requirement for the program is 25 percent, the major part of which is met with volunteer hours.

This resolution also is to be presented to the Quorum Court for a vote at its next meeting.

In the Public Works Committee meeting, an East End community resident. who had previously contacted the committee chairman, JP Pat Bisbee, spoke about a concern he has regarding dog owners.

The man said he is not objecting to the dogs themselves, but to the owners' lack of responsibility. He says the animals, when walked by their owners, are allowed to defecate on other people's property and he finds this objectionable.

The man is asking the Quorum Court to look into the establishment of some sort of ordinance or other regulation that could address this problem.

"I don't care how many dogs my neighbors have," the man said. "I just want them to be responsible."
He said he has spoken directly with one of the dog owners and was told that there was "nothing you can do."