Conservative Corner: What color is an American hero?

By Nancy Carlton

I love this country. It is my homeland and I treasure it. However, we live in perilous times and I fear for the United States. I could pen a lengthy list of all the ways that we as a nation have put ourselves in jeopardy. Our national sins are many and few are the penitents - I mean real penitents, who would actually change their ways, not just talk about the problem.
I was fortunate enough this morning to view the full speech given by Dr. Benjamin Carson at the National Prayer Breakfast just a few days ago. He was mere feet away from President and Mrs. Obama, and you have to give him credit for having the fortitude to speak truth to power.
He boldly proclaimed the damage being done to us by political correctness and offered up alternatives to the U.S. tax code and the "Affordable Care Act" (Obamacare). His offerings were clearly better than what we currently have. He also blatantly spoke the name of Jesus and used scripture references from the Holy Bible.
Dr. Benjamin Carson is black. Black is one of the most common colors of American Patriots. This fact is completely irrelevant, as a person’s skin is merely a physical characteristic, not indicative of character. Follow me - I’m not done.
I have a friend who came to this country from Viet Nam. She arrived during the great refugee influx that happened in the 1970's. In her home country she was a person of relative wealth. Her mother was a fine lady of cultural stature. In Viet Nam this meant she did no work except to sit and do her needlework, and of course, bear the children. This mom was of the strata of Viet Namese ladies who blackened their teeth as a symbol of status.
Upon their arrival in the United States, my friend, (the daughter) undertook to make this country her own. In Viet Nam she had attended pharmacy school, but here she was in new surroundings. She worked hard, attended to her education, and opened "Quy’s Beauty Salon" in Maumelle, Arkansas. Her Viet Namese mother was embarrassed that her daughter was now a "shopkeeper" but Quy embraced the "do it for yourself" ethic, and became a role model for others. She once told me of how much better America is because you can speak out against the government here and still be safe. She said that in her old country, if you did that, "Someone would come and take you ‘out for a cup of coffee’ and you would not come back."
Long may Old Glory wave!
We all know that most of the "Founders" of this nation were white men. It’s a fact of history. It is not a determiner of America’s path since the birth of this nation.
Racism is a blight on the earth - not just America. America is one of the nations virtuous enough to try to do something to eradicate racism.
Even a county as laid-back and rural as Saline County has been affected by racism, but I am proud to see how far we have come.
"Red and yellow, black and white,
They are precious in His sight."
Did you sing that in Sunday School as a child? I did. It still rings true today.
America and indeed this whole world could be blessed beyond our comprehension if we all join hands and lay aside petty differences. Let us all be the men and women we were designed by our Creator to be.
God Bless us, and for the best outcome, let us bless God!