Dabbs pushes for CodeRED

The Bryant City Council has called a special meeting for tonight at 7 p.m. This morning, Mayor Jill Dabbs issued a statement in favor of adding CodeRED back to the city's budget.
"I support their decision as it is important for your local government to have the means to effectively communicate with city residents. Text messages and phone calls are the quickest, most targeted, cost efficient manner to communicate emergencies as well as important notifications to the greatest number of people, she said.
CodeRED is a service which a city can pay for to send mass notifications to residents. Notifications can include information about emergencies or general communications like road closures or meetings.
If the city, uses the same plan as 2013, it will cost the city $10,000.
When Dabbs was elected mayor, only 1,000 to 1,200 people had signed up to receive notifications from CodeRED. Dabbs started a campaign to teach residents about the program and now more than 6,000 people within the city of Bryant are signed up for the program, she said.
Resident can sign up for CodeRED notifications online at the city of Bryant website.