Daily Dispatch, Aug. 25, 2014

Benton Police Department
•Officers were called to an incident on Brookview Drive, related to a child visitation dispute between the parents of the children.
•A resident of Terry Street reported an individual had trespassed on his property.
•Mailbox damage was reported b a resident of Concord Street.
•A resident on Sunset Street reported the theft of four automobile rims and tires from her backyard. A neighbor reported having seen a red truck with a Razorback license plate parked in from of the reported residence in the hours prior to the theft.
•A report of a suspicious vehicle at an abandoned house prompted a check of the residence on Parker Street. A blue Ford Explorer was found at the house. The back door of the house was open but no one was found in the home.
•A resident on Lyledale Road reported the theft of a trash can left at the curb for weekly garbage pickup.
•An officer was dispatched to the Hurricane Creek Mobile Home Park for a reported verbal disturbance between the owner of the mobile home and her son.
•A blue Ryobi paint roller was reported stolen from a home on Summit Drive.
•The theft of a firearm and ammunition was reported by an individual who had parked his car at the former putt putt course in the Hickory Square Shopping Center. Reported as missing from the vehicle are a black Sprinfield XD-40 40 caliber semi-automatic pistol with a 5-inch barrel. Two silver 12-round hi-cap magazines and one black 15 round hi-cap magazine also were taken from the vehicle. The owner reported that one of the 12-round magazines contained 12 bullets.

Bryant Fire Department
•Firefighters responded to seven medical calls, one fire alarm and eight inspections.

Benton Fire Department
•No reports were submitted.

Saline County Sheriff's Office
•A woman wearing leopard print clothing was found walking southbound on I-530. She appeared to be in distress, authorities said.
•A woman reported she had been hit by a vehicle on Sparks Drive. The woman was transported to the emergency room. The suspect vehicle had left the scene.
•A man called the sheriff's department reporting that his ex-wife was banging on his door.
•Deputies responded to a call of a woman being bitten by a neighbor's dog on White Oak Lane.