Elusive cat found at Bryant motel; owner returning today from Massachusetts to claim her

Annie Demirel of Massachusetts spent several weeks in Bryant searching for cat that escaped from her carrier on June 24 when Demirel was getting ready to leave Cracker Barrel.
Though she hadn't given up hope, Demirel's finances were depleted and she left the local area Friday.
Three days later the lost cat was rescued by personnel of the Hampton Inn.
Mike Burton, general manager, said motel staff have been feeding the cat for several days, but didn't connect the animal with Demirel's lost pet.
"When we read a story in Monday's Courier about the cat, all of a sudden something clicked and we realized that this must be the same cat," he said.
"We read the description and could see that she appeared to be marked the same," he said.
"We were feeding her and coaxed her into the motel," he said. "She just walked in and now she's at my son's house."
Demirel was informed immediately of the discovery and a photo was transmitted to her.
"She confirmed it was her cat and she's coming back to get her," he said.
"She was ecstatic," said Gaye Burt, wife of Mike Burt.
"When we told her 'I think we have your cat,' she was laughing and crying at the same time."
Demirel was reached by the Courier and confirmed that she was making plans to return to the area.
A traveling nurse, she is scheduled soon to begin a job in Tennessee, she said.
"I'm so excited that I'll have my Molly back," Demirel said. "I can't thank everybody enough for their kindness. People have been wonderful."