Former recorder/treasurer seeks council position

Renee Chastain, a former recorder/treasurer for the city of Bauxite, has announced her candidacy for Position 2 on the Bauxite City Council.
Chastain told The Saline Courier that she is seeking the post because she has a vested interest in Bauxite.
Chastain is challenging incumbent Paula Matthews for the council seat.
"I'd like to see Bauxite grow," she said. "People are on the move and I'd like for Bauxite to be on the coattails on that ride.
"I want to see my town, Bauxite, continue to improve in all areas and will work hard to see that Bauxite's full potential comes to fruition while I am a council person," she said. "I have been a people person all of my life and I want so much for Bauxite to become the town that it once was — a bustling community."
Chastain was appointed Bauxite's recorder/treasurer in May of 2011. However, she resigned the following October.
"You might have heard that Mayor (Johnny) McMahan and I had disagreements which resulted in my departure, but that wasn't the only reason for my departure. It was family," She said. "My mother had health issues that needed my full attention, which I am sure anyone can understand. The mayor and I have had several passionate disagreements and most likely will continue to do so. Isn't that what makes a community better? We can disagree and then work it out to find a solution."
Chastain was born in Chula Vista, Calif., and has lived all over the world, including the Far East, but settled in Bauxite a few years ago. She explained that the move to Bauxite was to be close to her mother, who lives in Marvell. Chastain said Bauxite has become her home and she wants to help it prosper.
"I have a vested interest in our community and my responsibility is to the citizens of Bauxite," she said. "I will continue to disagree or agree if I think it's in the best interest of our growth and the wellness of the town of Bauxite. I believe in Bauxite and, more importantly, I believe that you, me and all citizens of Bauxite should be proud of where we live and our community. This is my pledge to (Bauxite residents)."
Chastain is a marketing consultant and works part time for the Landers Harley Davidson dealership in Little Rock.