Fundraising continues for dog park expenses

Bryant Animal Control, to date, has raised $5,000 for a proposed dog park within Alcoa Park, but a goal to begin construction later this year may not be met.

"We had hoped to break ground this fall, but unless we acquire a large sponsor or donation, we will not be financially ready to break ground on the park this year," said Tricia Power, director of Bryant Animal Control.
Currently, the department is conducting a shoe drive to collect money for the project. All of the used shoes that are collected will be sold to a nonprofit organization.

This organization then sends the shoes to individuals in impoverished nations for people there to sell.
"Instead of just providing a hand-out, this program helps the individuals learn about business practices and provides them with a means of income. Shoes collected that cannot be sold are recycled," Power said.

The department hopes to collect 5,000 pounds of shoes which will bring in about $1,800 for the project.
The proposed park will be located within Alcoa Park at the corner of Mills Park Road and Shobe Road and will include more than an acre on the fenced-in site, with benches, lighting and even a water feature for summertime canine fun.