King’s return not just great for Cavs

Elvis is not the only “King” to leave the building. When Lebron James departed Cleveland in 2010, the city was in uproar. Jerseys were burned. Billboards were taken down and disrespecting letters were written.

James decided to take his talents to South Beach and partner with Dwayne Wade in hopes of championship. Three straight finals and two titles later and the “King” has returned to the city he once called home – Cleveland.

Ohio born and raised, James mended his ties with Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert and signed back with his former team. While the amount of the contract is still unknown, the contract is reported to be in the neighborhood of $20 million per year and is also expected to reach the league max – somewhere around $96 million overall.

But what does the move mean, for not only Cleveland but the NBA in general? When James left for Miami the league reaction was mixed while the city of Miami was rejoicing. They were getting the game’s greatest player since Michael Jordan. Why not be stoked?

For James, much hate came his way. Social media exploded with negativity toward one of the best guys off the court and the greatest on it. All because he left to win a title, something he would not be able to ever get in Cleveland.

While James is again leaving a team, this time is much different. King James is leaving the Big 3 in Miami for possibly the most dominating trio in the NBA come next season. Not to mention the fact that more moves could be coming.

While James, Wade and Chris Bosh made a dynamic trio in South Beach, Kyrie Irving, rookie Ty Wiggins and James will be even better than the Miami tandem.

Irving has been one of the best pure shooters in the league for the past couple of seasons, despite playing on one of the NBA’s worst teams. Ty Wiggins was a beast on the college level during his tenure as a Kansas Jayhawk and is expected to do the same as a professional.

The biggest move, however, could be the Cavs trading for Minnesota’s star and double-double master Kevin Love. The Cleveland 3 could soon become the Unbelievable 4 in a jiffy. It would be like the Monstars vs. the Toon Squad before Bugs and Taz drank the magic stuff.

Cleveland’s title chances made a big leap in Las Vegas with James coming back alone, but with the addition of Love, the Cavs may just be the team to beat if they aren’t already.

But how will the Cleveland fans react on opening night at the Quicken Loans Arena? Will it be mixed? Will there be any boos?

Remember, these are the same fans that burned their James jerseys when he departed for Miami.
I think it is safe to say that the welcoming party has already began. Cleveland season tickets for next season sold out eight hours after James signed.

What burned jerseys? What hate mail? Exactly. Cleveland has already forgotten all of that stuff. It’s like James never left. Of course, four dismantling seasons in a row might do that.

Since James left, the Cavs are a combined 97-215 in the last four seasons and have not won more than 33 games in a season since going 61-21 in 2009-10.

But the return of the “King” doesn’t just help Cleveland; the NBA will strive on his decision as well. Jersey sales will have an ungodly jump. Revenue for anything with James’ name or face on it will skyrocket. Especially if he goes back to No. 23.

It is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Well, except Miami.