LR police K-9 bites two county residents

Two Saline County residents were bitten by a Little Rock police K-9 officer on Monday after the dog escaped from his enclosure. One of the victims was transported to an area hospital for treatment.

The Little Rock Police Department said the dog, Ammo, who had been with the department for three years, escaped from his pen, jumped a 6-foot privacy fence and then went across the street where he bit two neighbors, Trent Holloway, 35, and Beth Norman, 73.

Officer Jason Harris is the Little Rock officer who serves as handler for Ammo. The incident occurred at the Harris home in Saline County, outside Alexander, as it is customary for K-9 officers to live with their handlers.

According to the report from the Saline County Sheriff's Office, Holloway told officials he was doing yard work when he a noticed the dog pacing his yard. He attempted to grab the dog's collar to look for its identification, but according to the report the dog bared its teeth and Holloway backed away. The dog then bit him on the leg.

Norman was also bitten, but details on how the bite occurred were not included in the report. She was transported by Saline Memorial Hospital ambulance service to St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center in Little Rock before authorities arrived.

The Little Rock Police Department reported that Ammo is back home with his handler but "cannot report to work for 10 days under the Saline County vicious dog ordinance." It was noted that Officer Harris was not at home when Ammo escaped.

Ammo is a Dutch shepherd trained in narcotics, tracking and patrol.

After the incident Ammo was located in his owner's driveway.

Harris told Saline County Sheriff's Officer Calvin Reed that all of the K-9's information is on file at Briarwood Animal Clinic and all of his shots and care are up to date.