Man threatens to cut woman following funeral

Josh Briggs
Managing Editor


Man threatens to cut woman following funeral

A Benton man is facing charges of aggravated assault and terroristic threatening after police say he threatened a woman with a hunting knife following a funeral.
Jimmy Baxley, 58, was arrested Saturday following a disturbance at a home on Rosewood in Benton.
According to a report from the Benton Police Department, officers responded to the scene around 3:30 p.m. in reference to a possible disturbance with weapons and a hostage situation.

While en route, officers were advised that a man allegedly was holding a female at knife and gunpoint and was holding her captive inside the residence.
Officers were blocking off roadways surrounding the residence when they noticed a large group of children and adults exiting the home through the garage door.
Officers said everyone had then gotten outside the home, except for Baxley.

Lina Baxley told officers that Jimmy Baxley was injured due to a fight that occurred prior to the arrival of authorities.
Officers also determined, after speaking with Lina Baxley, that there was no firearm involved.
Officers were able to negotiate with Jimmy Baxley via public announcement system, eventually getting him to exit the home, where he was then apprehended.

Ashley Gardner, a witness at the scene, told officers that the family had just attended a funeral when an altercation occurred between Jimmy Baxley and Jennifer Jones, 34, of Arkadelphia.
Gardner said the incident allegedly happened due to Jones' embarrassing Jimmy Baxley at the funeral.

Gardner said Jones had used inappropriate language at the funeral, which made Jimmy Baxley angry.
Once returning to the home on Rosewood, Jimmy Baxley told Jones that she embarrassed him and initiated a verbal altercation, which quickly escalated into a physical disturbance, according to the report.
During the dispute, Jones stated that she flipped Jimmy Baxley over the kitchen table and threw him onto the floor. She added that Jimmy Baxley then grabbed a hunting knife and proceeded to threaten her.
Jimmy Baxley reportedly was injured during the altercation by an unknown object.
Gardner and Jones both told officers that Jimmy Baxley threatened to cut Jones if she did not leave. That is when Gardner contacted police and removed her family from the home.

Jimmy Baxley refused to discuss the incident without a lawyer present, according to the report. He was arrested and transported to the Saline County Detention Center where he faces charges of aggravated assault and first-degree terroristic threatening.
Jimmy Baxley was released at 12:31 p.m. Monday after posting a $20,000 bond.