Mayor Dabbs comments on latest Legislative Audit Report of Bryant

Bryant Mayor Jill Dabbs released the following statement this morning regarding a recently completed audit of Bryant:

Legislative Audit Report for the City of Bryant has been released.  I am pleased to announce the City of Bryant had a satisfactory audit with only a few areas of recommended improvements.
As stated in the audit report their procedures indicated that the Offices of the Mayor and the City Clerk were in substantial compliance with Arkansas fiscal and financial laws.

The Finance Department had some misclassification errors that were identified. With the new software and training the finance department has received, I am confident errors of this nature will not occur in the future.  As confirmed in the exit interview with the auditors, none of these errors are an indicator of malfeasance, misappropriation of funds, or unaccounted for monies.  The accounting entries were simply misclassified and with the help of legislative audit have been corrected.

The District Court had a few errors regarding timely reconciliations of accounts.  This also has been corrected with improved accounting procedures and the implementation of the city’s new software system.

The Police Department received a finding for their inability to locate used citation books as far back as 2008.  This error has been corrected with the implementation of Digiticket.  However, because of Digiticket they received another finding for Digiticket password controls not being strong enough.  This violation will apply to every municipality that utilizes Digiticket until they improve this feature on the software.  Digiticket is aware of this issue.  

According to legislative audit all cities of the first class receive the finding pertaining to separation of financial duties. As diligent as the current administration has worked to rectify this finding we have yet to surpass this hurdle.  The City of Bryant has segregated the duties relating to initiating, receipting, depositing, disbursing, and recording transactions to the extent possible with the current staffing levels.  We will continue to work with legislative audit while also working within our means to insure proper accounting controls are in place for the best interest of those we serve.  

It is my hope with the release of this audit report some if not all of the concern created by political motives can be put to rest and the citizens of Bryant have a renewed confidence in their local government to conduct business ethically, morally, and efficiently.