McMahan to propose salary cut for himself, council members

Bauxite Mayor Johnny McMahan has proposed two ordinances that will seek to lower the salaries of council members and the mayor, effective Jan. 1, 2015.

McMahan plans to present these to the City Council at its June 16 meeting.

McMahan said, "This is a cost-cutting measure that I believe we need to do for the financial stability of the town. I will propose a $50 per month salary for council members; and recommend lowering the mayor's salary from $865 a month to $740 per month."

McMahan states that the cost-cutting measures are necessary due to current necessary expenditures in Bauxite.

A settlement is possible in the Purifoy v. Bauxite lawsuit, McMahan said. The suit was filed Nov. 27, 2012, and the trial is currently set for Sept. 3, 2014.

However, McMahan states that on May 27, a settlement conference was held where various city aldermen agreed to a $6,000 payout to Purifoy to settle the litigation. The offer was rejected.

McMahan stated a counter-offer of $25,000 was requested. The judge presiding in the case has given the two sides until July 15, 2014, to come up with some settlement progress.

Additionally, McMahan stated that due to the defeat of a half-cent sales tax proposal, the city's pump/sewer maintenance fund will be "stressed out" in three to four months at the current tax rate. Repairs also are needed for the wastewater treatment plant and McMahan says the city is saving only $4,000-$5,000 per month after fixed expenses.

McMahan believes the proposed salary cuts are fair stating he will check with Haskell, Shannon Hills, and Alexander city council members to make sure his salary cuts match those of other towns in Saline County.
These proposed cuts will be discussed at the regularly scheduled June 16 council meeting.
All council meetings are open to the public.