Murder in the 1st; $1M bond set for hit-and-run driver

Marcus Dorsey who was allegedly involved in a hit-and-run accident at Alcoa Exchange in Bryant, will be charged with murder. The victim in the accident died at approximately 10:39 a.m. Friday.

Dorsey allegedly struck Heather Baker, 20, of Benton who was walking toward Target. The victim is not related to Dorsey.

During a bond hearing Friday morning, Judge Mike Robinson set Dorsey's bond at $1 million.

"The only reason I'm going to give you a bond is because the state says I have to," Robinson said.

Before the incident at Alcoa Exchange, Dorsey struck three vehicles on Interstate 30. When asked why he struck the vehicles, he told officers "they were in his way," said Toney Green, Bryant Police Department.

Dorsey was not being followed at the time of the incident at Alcoa Exchange as previous reported, he said.

Green also testified that Dorsey told officers that at the time of the incident, he was under the influence of alcohol and phencyclidine also known as PCP.

When officers asked Dorsey if he saw Baker he said,"She was trying her best to get out of the way, but I gunned it."

A loss prevention manager at Target witnessed the incident and followed Dorsey to the Greens Apartment Complex where Dorsey was arrested by Arkansas State police officers.

On August 19, Dorsey was arrested by Bryant Police officers for allegedly being intoxicated in public. He also allegedly called people and threatened to kill an individual's niece. At the time of the arrest, Dorsey said he had smoked PCP, said Lt. Scott Courtney, Saline County Sheriff's Office.
He was released the day before the incident at Target.

Along with murder, Dorsey will also be charged with four counts of leaving the scene of an accident and for driving on a suspended license.

Dorsey is scheduled to appear in court again Sept. 23 at 1 p.m.