Proposed fire stations doused

Bryant Mayor Jill Dabbs has announced that the city will not be receiving enough money to build two proposed fire stations at the present time.

In November voters approved a bond issue to build two fire stations to replace older stations. Based on estimated revenue, the city's former finance director, Cindy West, had predicted that the city would have $4.4 million available for the project. However, based on revenue from 2013, the city now anticipates having less to spend on the project.

"Since our finance department has established more accurate reporting practices, staff has discovered that the anticipated revenue stream to fund the fire departments was already dedicated for other purposes within the fire department," said Dabbs during the City Council meeting Monday.

The city is currently using the money to pay off new fire trucks.

The trucks have been financed for four more years but the city is working to pay off the trucks as quickly as possible, Dabbs said.

Also during the meeting, Alderman Randy Cox made a motion that the city hire an engineer to inspect the garage at Station 3 to determine if the building is safe and will last until the money is available. This motion was approved.

"Bryant has much to be proud of and the community is the envy of many around Arkansas," Cox said.
"There are many fire departments with beautiful fire stations that do not come close to Bryant's public safety facilities and personnel," Dabbs said.

"A department like Bryant will always be looking to improve itself to better serve the people of Bryant," she said. "The next big improvement will be improved and more functional fire station facilities."