Raymar Road South primary focus of Bryant Commission

A discussion of the proposed Raymar Road South access plan dominated the Bryant Planning Commission's meeting late Tuesday.
Alderman Scott Curtis addressed the commission seeking answers about access to the road that eventually will tie into the Saline County Airport.
"I want to have questions answered in hopes that we can shell the corn," Curtis said. "Once the city commits to a route, are the citizens going to have access to the road that connects to the airport? It is Airport Commission property and receives federal funding. Are they going to let us use it?"
Lance Penfield, planning commission member, explained that the council is only voting on a route, a plan, in which the connectivity dead-ends at the airport.
"In 2007 we devised a master street plan that provided connectivity from the service road to the south end of Bryant. Then the school bought the property and that has altered our original plan," Penfield said.
Curtis clarified that he was not representing the schoolm but the citizens of Ward 1.
Penfield went on to say that in developing a master street plan, consideration for future roads is taken into account.
"We are in a unique situation. The proposed (route) is a controlled access route; meaning, there are only three alignments, zero curb cuts. People won't be trying to back out of their driveways onto the main road," Penfield said. "We want connectivity for the people of Bryant to provide better fire and police protection, as well as to assist in traveling to and from work, the grocery store and so forth."
Again, Curtis noted that the road inevitably would be on airport property. "Who is responsible for maintaining it?" Curtis said.
Penfield explained that the city would maintain it, because it would become a city road no matter where it is.
"The city would own the right of way. They (the city) can negotiate a right of way, buy it or take it at fair market value," Penfield said.
At the request of Aldermen Curtis and Danny Steele, members of the commission agreed to attend the city council meeting Jan. 26, to answer questions regarding the routes.
In other news, two new city employees were introduced; Dave Green is the director of planning and community development and Ben Wilson is the community development manager.
Additionally, citing no issues, the commission unanimously agreed to refer a billboard ordinance to the City Council.
The next council meeting is set for 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 26.
A series of town hall meetings for each ward has been scheduled for the coming weeks. The Ward 1 meeting, initially slated for Thursday, Jan. 19, has been rescheduled for Feb. 9, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at First United Methodist Church, 518 N. Reynolds Road in Bryant. According to Bryant Mayor Jill Dabbs, the meeting had to be rescheduled because the water bill, in which the meeting notice was enclosed, was mailed out late.