Sadler released Monday without bond

The teenager previously charged with manslaughter in connection with a "hill-jumping" accident that caused the death of an 18-year-old Benton man has been back in court on unrelated charges.

Charles K. Sadler, 18, of Bryant appeared in a bond hearing Monday in District Court. In that proceeding, Judge Mike Robinson did not set bond for Sadler, saying it was "because of his age."

Sadler's manslaughter charge stems from the Aug. 4 accident in which Tylor Wright died.

The $10,000 sheriff's bond that had been set in connection with the fatality accident was revoked on Aug. 20. He was arrested again on Aug. 21 after receiving two traffic citations on Aug. 14.

Sadler's vehicle was stopped by Arkansas Highway Police for allegedly traveling 94 mph in a 70 mph zone on Interstate 30.

According to the officer who detained Sadler, he "noticed a vehicle weaving in and out of traffic" and then clocked the vehicle traveling at 94 mph. The officer stated he then turned on his lights and initiated the traffic stop near mile marker 117.

Sadler was cited for speeding and reckless driving, according to the officer's report.

Sadler was previously released on a $10,000 sheriff's bond after he was charged with manslaughter in the "hill-jumping accident" that occurred on Aug. 4. It was on this date that Sadler was involved in an accident on Midland Road which caused the death of Tylor Wright, 18, of Benton.

In the fatal crash on Aug. 4, Sadler lost control of the vehicle and hit a tree, authorities said. Investigators said they believe Sadler was jumping a hill at the time of the incident.

Wright died at the scene, authorities said.

Sadler is being released from custody under the provisions that he may not operate a motor vehicle, he will be under house arrest and he will have to wear an ankle monitor.

Robinson said, "I have got to protect the public. Driving 94 mph in a vehicle is willful. That is a 3,000-pound bullet you're driving."

Sadler's mother, Cathy Sadler, said, "Kyle (Charles K. Sadler) is a good kid. He has the whole rest of his life."