Taxes axed this weekend

Arkansas residents can buy certain items without paying any sales tax from 12:01 a.m. today, Aug. 2, through Sunday Aug. 3 at 11:59 p.m.

Items that will be tax-free include clothing and footwear costing less than $100 per item, clothing accessories and equipment if the items are less than $100 per item; school supplies; school art supplies and school instructional materials, according to an official statement from the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration.

School supplies include binders, book bags, calculators, cellophane tape, blackboard chalk, compasses, composition books, crayons, erasers, folders, glue, highlighters, index cards, index card boxes, legal pads, lunchboxes, markers, notebooks, paper, pencil boxes and other school supply boxes, pencil sharpeners, pencils, pens, protractors, rulers, scissors and writing tablets.

School arts supplies include clay and glazes, paints, paintbrushes for artwork, sketch and drawing pads and watercolors.

School instructional materials includes reference books, reference maps and globes, textbooks and workbooks.

There are some exemptions to the sale.

Clothing does not include: belt buckles sold separately, costume masks sold separately, patches and emblems sold separately, sewing equipment and supplies including knitting needles, pins, scissors, sewing machines, sewing needles, tape measures and thimbles.

Specific information about the items included or not included in the sale is available on The Saline Courier's website.

According to a study by Tax Foundation, "Sales tax holidays do not promote economic growth or significantly increase consumer purchases."
Instead, shoppers just change when they buy school supplies, according to the study.