Terry's Waste now part of Republic operations

On Monday DC Trash/Terry's Waste Management ceased its operations and Republic Services began providing service to its Saline County customers.

Republic purchased DC Trash/Terry's Waste Management and announced the merger in a letter dated June 16.

The letter to customers signed by DC Trash/Terry's Waste owner Dwight Dicus and Republic Services General Manager Dan Christensen states: "Having served the community for eight years, our desire is to sell our Saline County routes to someone that we feel will continue our tradition of excellent service.

Republic Services is one of the nation's largest providers of non-hazardous solid waste collection, recycling and disposal services. The cCompany's mission is to provide industry-leading solid waste and environmental services that exceed our customers' highest expectations."

The letter also emphasizes that Republic will honor all periods that have been paid by customers and guarantees not to change rates for one year.

It states: "Our promise to you is that you will continue to receive the same great service from professional employees. We expect this transition to be seamless, but should you have any issues at all, please call our customer service department for Republic Services at 501-557-5003."

Republic owns a number of operations in the surrounding area including the Saline County Regional Solid Waste District Landfill.

The letter further states: "Our experienced management and operations team is fully committed to providing responsive service that ensures total customer satisfaction. We know and do what it takes to keep our customers happy and we look forward to adding you to the list of our satisfied customers."