Three Benton officers graduate from advanced programs

Three Benton police officers recently graduated from advanced criminal justice programs offered through the Criminal Justice Institute in Little Rock.

Detective Brett Carpenter graduated from the Crime Scene Technician Certificate Program.

This six-week program includes: crime scene management and photography, latent print processing, biological and trace evidence, impression evidence, crime scene sketching and report writing and crime scene investigation, said Lt. Kevin Russell, Benton Police Department spokesperson.

"The program was designed to increase the value of forensic evidence in a criminal investigation by emphasizing evidence recognition and appropriate documentation, collection, preservation and storage of physical evidence recovered from a crime scene," he said.

Russell and Lt. Mike Treasitti graduated from the ARKANSAS LEADER Session XXIII class. This class was designed for chiefs, sheriffs and upper-level leaders within a law enforcement agency, he said.

"Recognizing that attendees are not only leaders of their agencies but also within their communities, the course is designed to advance individual professional development and education that is transferable to their respective organizations and communities," Russell said.

Attendees learned about the challenges of leadership, advancement of the law enforcement profession, development of the individual and agency and enhancing community relationships.

The program is jointly sponsored by the Criminal Justice Institute and the Federal Bureau of Investigation and is by invitation only, he said.