Vulgar vandalism; Panther statue tainted as Salt Bowl looms

One day before the Salt Bowl — which has been known to spark incidents of vandalism between rival schools Benton and Bryant — five juveniles were issued citations charging them with vandalism at Benton High School.

When police officers arrived at the school early today, they observed five teenage boys running from the building toward the middle school. One was dressed in camouflage while the others were dressed in blue.
Ultimately, all were charged with criminal mischief, according to Lt. Mike Connell.

The five boys are accused of throwing fliers — imprinted with a Bryant Hornet – onto the ground around the school.

Connell said the boys allegedly vandalized the band bus and the panther sculpture in front of the school.
Blue glitter had been poured onto the statue and an adult toy glued to its mouth, Connell reported. It was not known whether the statue was actually damaged.

A blue "B" made of duct tape had been attached to the band bus, according to the police report.

The teens reportedly acknowledged throwing out the fliers, but denied the other vandalism.

They were ordered to remove the various items and to sweep up the glitter, according to Connell's report.

After issuing citations, the boys' parents was called to the scene. They were released in their custody.