Warrant amnesty ends today

If you or someone you know has an active warrant, or there is uncertainty, now is the time to call the Benton Police Department while the warrant amnesty is in effect.
Because as of Monday, the amnesty will be gone.
Calling the Benton police during the amnesty means that a person with a nonviolent warrant will be allowed to drop by the police department, pay the warrant fee and receive only a court date.
"By contacting us, they may be able to avoid additional fees such as impounding their vehicle if they are arrested on a traffic stop," said Lt. Kevin Russell, public information for the police department. "If they have a nonviolent warrant for failure to appear, then their driver’s license is also suspended. If they make contact with us to take care of the warrant, then it starts the process of reinstating their driver’s license so they don’t have that burden hanging over them."
After the warrant amnesty programs end, those with warrants will "once again look at facing jail time when they are caught, regardless if it’s a non-violent offense or not," Russell said.
He also added that, under the warrant amnesty program that ends on Monday, if a person is caught by an officer, instead of visiting the Benton Police Department prior to being apprehended, the amnesty will not be allowed.
"If they turn themselves in, they can eliminate an embarrassing situation of being arrested in front of friends or family during the holidays, or of being contacted at their place of employment," Russell said. "Anyone who knows or thinks they may have a warrant is encouraged to make contact with the police department immediately."
More information is available by calling the Benton Police Department at 778-1171 or 315-TIPS (8477).