Waste management board meeting set for Wednesday

The Saline County Regional Solid Waste Management District board is scheduled for its regular meeting Wednesday at 2:00pm in the Office of Emergency Management building in Benton.
The meeting is open to the public.
For questions or comments, contact the district office at 501.776.2533. '
The meeting agenda is below.

Agenda for Regular Board Meeting
July 17, 2013
1. Call to order and sign in.
2. Reading of Minutes from June Meeting & July Special Board Meeting
3. Reading of Financial Statement and Financial Position from June Meeting
4. Request by Mayor Johnny McMahan
5. Request by Mrs. Barbara Howell
6. Inter-District Tire Update: Stacy Edwards
7. Environmental Officer Update: Tai Marshall
8. Executive Director Update
a. Recycling Program
b. Upcoming Events
c. Advertising Efforts: Tiffany Dunn
d. Impact Management Update
e. Community Efforts
f. Recycle Center Labor Update
g. Engineering Updates
h. District Zoning Updates
i. Neeley St. Clear Off
j. Miscellaneous
9. Old Business
10. New Business
a. Proper procedures for adopting rules and regs
11. Public Comments