Woman arrested after allegedly stabbing man with screwdriver

A woman was arrested after she allegedly stabbed a man with a screwdriver Friday on Silicia Heights.

Alicia Carroll, 20, of Benton has been charged with first-degree battery in connection with the incident.

The victim, Richard Wimberley, 35, told Benton police that Carroll and William Taylor, 37, drove up to the Silica Heights location. Taylor reportedly was driving the vehicle.

The victim said he tried to confront the couple, but Carroll was yelling at him. Once the couple exited the vehicle, they both had screwdrivers in their hands and Carroll stabbed the man twice, he said.

Carroll and Taylor later were arrested by Benton officers in Haskell, according to the police report.

When officers interviewed them, Carroll allegedly admitted to stabbing the man, but claimed it was in self-defense. Taylor said he never saw Carroll stab the victim.

Taylor reportedly admitted to placing the screwdriver under the hood of his vehicle. He was charged with aggravated assault, police said.

Police reported finding six screwdrivers in the vehicle including one underneath the hood.

When officers first spoke with the victim, he said his chest was hurting, but he did not need an ambulance to transport him to the hospital. Two people reportedly took him to Saline Memorial Hospital by personal vehicle.

Several hours later, officers received a report that the man had been transferred to the intensive care unit because his lung had collapsed.

The current condition of the victim is unknown at this time.

Officer Drew Brown made the arrests.