Woman charged with felony for allegedly harming child at day care

A woman who was arrested when she allegedly dragged a child across the carpet at Wisdom Tree Daycare in Bryant has been charged with second-degree battery.

Keyuanna Coats allegedly admitted to investigators that she had taken an eight-month-old child and dragged him across the carpeted floor twice, causing carpet burns to the child's elbows, said Sgt. Todd Crowson, Bryant Police Department spokesperson.

Since Coats' arrest, the Arkansas Department of Human Services has revoked the child care center license for the day care center.

The facility also had "reoccurring non-compliance with staff/child ratio and background check requirements," DHS officials noted.

"The decision to revoke your license is based on your demonstrated inability to make the sound management judgments required to ensure that children in care at your facility are safe and adequately cared for," wrote David Griffin, associate director of licensing and accreditation.

Other violations include improper staff-to-child ratio and violations regarding buildings, safety, furniture, equipment and staff records.

Stamps also reportedly rehired a staff member who was terminated for harsh treatment of children.
Coats is scheduled to appear in court at 8:30 a.m. Aug. 25, according to court documents.