Details for NOTICE Notice is hereby given that a hearing will be

NOTICE Notice is hereby given that a hearing will be held by the Planning Commission of the City of Benton, AR on the 11th day of February, 2020 at 6:00 pm at Benton City Hall 114 South East Street on the petition of Titan General Contractor, LLC. for rezoning to a Town Center 2 (TC-2) on the 123 Conrad St. Benton, AR on the following lands to wit: Part of the South Half (S1/2) of Section 10, Township 02 South, Range 15 West, Saline County, Arkansas, More Particularly described as Follows; Commencing at a 2" Drill Rod, accepted as the Northwest Corner of the NW ?, SE ? of Section 10; Thence S 02 10' 59" W, along the West Line thereof, a distance of 149.93 feet to a 5/8" Rebar; Thence S 02 24'11" W, along the West Line Thereof a Distance of 49.94 Feet to a ?"Rebar, Thence S 02 05' 02" W, along the West Line Thereof, a distance of 90.13 Feet to ?" Rebar at the POINT OF BEGINNING of the Herein Described Tract; Thence Leaving the Said West Line, S 86 46' 51" E, a distance of 50.00 Feet to a ?" Rebar; Thence S 02 03' 12" W, a Distance of 86.47 Feet, Thence N 86 46' 51" W 198.39 feet to the East Right-Of-Way of North Conrad Street; Thence N 02 32' 55" E Along Said East right-Of-Way, a distance of 86.46 Feet to a 5/8' Rebar; Thence Leaving Said East right-Of-Way, S 86 46' 51" E, a Distance of 147.64 Feet to the POINT OF BEGINNING; Contianing 17,118 Square Feet or 0.392 Acress, More or Less. Said property is proposed to be rezoned from its current zoning as Town Center 1 (TC-1) to Town Center 2 (TC-2) The Petitioner is Titan General Contractors, LLC. c/o Hope Consulting, Inc. 117 S. Market Street, City of Benton, Saline County, Arkansas. 501-315-2626