Details for VIN# VEHICLE 2G1WH52KX59363264 2005 CHEVROLET IMPALA

VIN# VEHICLE 2G1WH52KX59363264 2005 CHEVROLET IMPALA The following vehicles are in possession at Newcomb Wrecker & Recovery, 300 West Hazel; Benton, Ar. 72015. # 501-860-4252 Towing, storage, and administrative costs are accruing daily as a legal liability of the owner. Newcomb Wrecker claims a first priority possessor lien on the vehicles and its contents for all such charges, unless claimed within the forty-five(45) days, the vehicle and its contents will be dismantled, destroyed, or sold at public sale to the highest bidder. Failure to exercise your right to reclaim the vehicle and its contents within the time prescribed by this section constitutes a waiver by the owner and lienholders of all right, title, and interests in the vehicle and its contents and constitutes consent to the sale, dismantling, or destruction of the vehicle and its contents. You may retake prossession at any time during business hours (M-F 9am-4:30), by appearing, proving ownership, and releasing the law enforcement of official hold, if any, and by paying all charges or by other written arrangements between the owner or lienholders and our towing and storage firm. Should you consider that the original taking was not legally justified, he or she has a right for thirty (30) days to contest the original taking as defined by code 27-50-1207.