AHC maintenance men take a plunge for Saline County Toy Commission

Three members of the Arkansas Health Center maintenance staff agreed to jump off the pier into the AHC pond if fellow employees donated at least $300 to the Saline County Toy Run. Once the goal was reached, a fourth employee promised to jump if another $100 was raised.
The employees donated $400, and Tuesday afternoon the staff held the men to their promise. Chuck Pearson, Fred Santoff, David Webb and Stanley Dempsey, fully clothed, jumped into the murky pond. Members of the Haskell Fire Department attended the event to ensure the safety of the jumpers.
"We are trying to raise money for Saline County kids," said Parson, who is a member of the Saline County Toy Commission, the group that sponsored the toy run.
The third annual Saline County Toy Run took place Saturday on the Saline County Courthouse lawn. Motorcycle bikers paid $10 or donated a toy and then rode in a parade to the courthouse.
The men wanted to get their fellow employees in on the event.
"You don't always think of these big, biker guys as the ones who want to help kids," said Jennifer Kelly-Santee, AHC even coordinator. "It's great. I'm glad I could be a part of it.