Bauxite sewer facilities to be cleaned up by Republic Services Inc.

Representatives from Republic Services Inc. and Terracon Consulting Engineers and Scientists spoke Monday with the Bauxite City Council concerning issues at the city's sewer facilities.
Mayor Johnny McMahan explained that there have been multiple violations from the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality concerning the sewer facilities.
"The sewer facilities have violations dating back to 2003 and at some point ADEQ is going to stop forgiving us," he said.
Republic is hiring Terracon to conduct a survey on what measures need to be taken to correct issues at the sewer plant. The cost is expected to be up to $30,000.
"We need to see what upgrades are needed to be in compliance," McMahan said. "Terracon is hired by Republic to make recommendations."
He added, "If the cost is reasonable to correct the issues, Republic could pay for the cost of the repairs and could take the money we would owe them for that out of leachate (a solution resulting from leaching, as of soluble constituents from soil, landfill, and more, by downward percolating ground water). So this would not be an up-front cost to (Bauxite) residents."
Fallon told The Saline Courier today that Republic views the sewer facility as an investment in the community and that hiring Terracon for the survey is "a win-win for everyone." He said if the decision is made to pay for corrections at the sewer plant, the city would pay back the city at a discount rate for leachate treatment and recognizes that it could take several years for the repayment in that manner.
On Aug. 20, McMahan told The Saline Courier that the city received a letter from ADEQ concerning wastewater treatment in which something was not done properly "for years." He said there are more than 100 wastewater violations from ADEQ and these could result in hefty fines.
Republic previously gave Bauxite a $100,000 grant to pave West Sardis Road from the start of the roadway off Arkansas 183 to the entrance of Republic; and $150,000 for sewer extensions to the landfill.
McMahan said the council did not have to vote on the matter on Monday.