Benton and Bryant Fire Departments training

It is not unusual for the Benton and Bryant fire departments to be called out to the same incidents. Since they often work together, Capt. Ryan McCormick of the Bryant Fire Department and Bruce Armstrong, training officer with the Benton Police Department decided to have a joint training session with firefighters from both departments.
Monday afternoon was the final session of a two-week training period. During the training, the firefighters, with the help of Weise Towing, responded to mock accidents. The accident on Monday involved two vehicles with dummies in each vehicle, a dummy under one of the vehicles and a dummy that had been "ejected" from a vehicle. Working together in two crews the firefighters had to rescue all of the victims.
"Having the ability to conduct 'realistic training' for both departments is by far the best training firefighters can get. Both departments were given some of the most extreme vehicle accidents and were asked to accomplish goals, using their knowledge, teamwork, communication, individual strength and thinking outside the box as part of this two-week training," McCormick said. "It's always great to work with other departments, learning from each other and working with each other: two departments but one team."
Armstrong mentioned that during the training firefighters have the ability to learn how to work with the other department but also how to work with the equipment both departments use.
New firefighters also have the chance to work with more veteran firefighters. During Monday's exercise, the firefighters' experience ranged from only two months on the job to more than 20 years, Armstrong said.
Armstrong also commended Tammie Weise of Weise Towing for giving the firefighters numerous vehicles and placing the vehicle in the various scenarios.
During the 13 years she has been in charge of Weise Towing, Weise said she has given many vehicles to fire departments and law enforcement, but this is the first time that she donated so many cars at one time.
Weise gave the fire departments 24 cars total, she said.
She commended her employee, Daniel Moss, for his work on the project.
"If he hadn't been here, we couldn't have done this," she said.