Benton golf teams finish second at Sheridan tourney

The Benton girls and boys golf team finish second out of four teams at a nine hole tournament at Sheridan.
For the girls, Grace Lile shot a 48, Kaylen Presnall shot a 50, Braxton Chumley shot a 52, Kayla Payne shot a 54 and Karli Lipinski shot a 57.
They girls finished second to Lake Hamilton, who shot a 148 as a team. Benton shot a 150 and Sheridan shot a 157.
For Sheridan, Brooke McMellan shot a 46, Camden Nutt shot a 53 and Judy Brown shot a 58.
“We just got to get a couple girls down there in the 40s,” coach Chad Pitts said.
“Braxton and Kaylen are around 50 and we need to get them down in the 40s to have a chance to compete.”
Pitts said Lile had an unusual round as she was 12 over par.
The Benton boys team finished second to Sheridan as the Panthers shot a 157.
Austin Eoff shot a 36, Nate Smith shot a 40, Keith Hammer shot a 40, Cameron Treece shot a 41 and Matthew Perry shot a 50.
For Sheridan, Griffin Smith shot a 36, Colton West a 38, Colton Whitmire a 39, Ebin Bland a 39 and Jarrod Starks a 47.
“The nine hole course hurt us a little bit,” Pitts said.
“None of our boys have ever been here before took us a while to get used to it.
“Four or five holes were too late for us to adapt. By then it was over. We need a better job of adapting to the course earlier.”
Pitts said if Hammer and Treece continued to shoot in the 40s on nine hole course, he will take it as they are the No. 3 and No. 4 guys.
Smith’s 40 was an unusual round for him but it was his first after being sick all last week.
“We need him to shoot closer to par,” Pitts said.
The Panthers will travel to Lake Hamilton tomorrow.