Big Daddy Beatdown: Pro wrestler focusing on bullying

A group of adults who attend Civitan Services were in shock when Byron Wilcott said he was bullied when he was younger.

Wilcott, standing 6 feet and 5 3/4 inches tall, is a professional wrestler with the National Wrestling Alliance who goes by the stage name Big Daddy Yum Yum while in the ring.

When he was younger, he was tall and skinny and other students called him "giraffe," he said.
"Anybody can be bullied," he said.

Wilcott talked to the adults and children who attend the facility's day care program why it is important not to be a bully and to tell an adult when they are being bullied.

Wilcott also spoke last week during an anti-bullying rally at the Boys & Girls Club of Bryant along with three other wrestlers, Matt Riviera, Matt Justyce and Jon "Action" Jackson.

Jackson told the children that as a youngster he was bullied and even stole money from his mother's purse to give to the bullies so they would like him.

"Everybody has feelings just like you," he said.

Wilcott, along with several other wrestlers, will be facing off during Summer Clash at the Saline County Fairgrounds on Friday as part of Saline County Family Fest.

"Matt (Riviera) brings high quality professional wrestling shows with past and present national stars," said James Ballew, the organizer of the event. "(Riveria) makes sure that the shows are affordable for all families to enjoy. He also makes sure that anyone attending the show will have the opportunity to meet these outstanding wrestlers and get autographs."

During Saline County Family Fest, Wilcott will face Tim Storm. Also AJ Styles will be fighting Steve Anthony during the title match and Matt Riviera and Greg Anthony will be taking on The Rock 'N' Roll Express.

During Saline County Family Fest, along with wrestling, attendees can watch a bull-riding show, live concerts and enjoy food, roller coasters and a fireworks show hosted by the city of Benton.