BREAKING NEWS: Prosecutor Casady says sheriff's office has conducted "definite wrongdoing"

At the start of a Saline County Quorum Court meeting to review resumes of sheriff candidates on Monday, the court was presented a letter from prosecuting attorney Ken Casady in which he stated "it is of paramount importance for public confidence that you appoint a person that has no ties to the Sheriff's Department or to Saline County government."
Casady said he took a step to request the appointment of a special prosecutor in part because of the Quorum Court's concern of potential criminal wrongdoing regarding the sheriff's department. Since he made that request, "definite wrongdoing has been uncovered by an internal sheriff's department investigation which has been turned over to the special prosecutor," Casady said.
Casady said the state police probe and the work of the special prosecutor are just beginning.
"My office is in the process of compiling a list of charges, both felony and misdemeanor that I will soon move to dismiss because certain deputies' credibility has been called into question."