Bryant and Benton back on the blocks

The Bryant Hornets swimming and diving team competed Tuesday evening, Dec. 6, in the Catholic High School 50/100 Sprint Swim Meet at the University of Arkansas Little Rock in the dive portion. For the boys, Justin Combs took third place, Lucas Reitenger placed fifth place and Scott Mead finished in sixth place overall.

For the Bryant girls, Alise Heavrin came in fourth place, Tiffany Robinson took sixth, Kaitlin Howey seventh and Morganne Gillespie finished in eighth place.

"I was extremely proud of all of my divers," Bryant Coach Angel Dale said. "For some of them this was our first time to dive in competition.  The divers have worked very hard this season."

The swimmers will be in the water this evening at 6:45 p.m. for the 50- and 100-yard sprints part the the meet.

The Benton Panthers' Boyce Bethel was diving as well in the competition and earned third place overall. The Panther swimmers will also compete in the 50- and 100-yard sprint meet this evening.

Panther Coach Deb Law said, "[The Panthers] swam very well at the Bryant swim meet last week."

Hope Ernhart qualified for state in the 50 freestyle. "She is the first ever female Panther swimmer to qualify to swim at the state championships." Coach Law added. "We were close in other races, but didn't quite meet the time standard. It won't be long until it happens. Every team member scored points toward our team totals. I am proud of our Panther swimmers and divers."