Bryant committee halts discussion on proposed burn ordinance

The Finance and Personnel Committee of the Bryant City Council was slated to discuss the revision of an ordinance regulating the open burning of yard waste during its regular monthly meeting Tuesday, but an alderman quickly put an end to the dialogue, citing the fact that the ordinance was inappropriate to discuss at a Finance and Personnel Committee meeting.
City attorney Chris Madison wanted to get input on the revised version of the ordinance, which was met with significant resistance in its original form by several alderman and members of the public during its first reading at the August council meeting.
Madison said the ordinance is meant to regulate — not ban — the burning of yard waste, to keep the fires out of the city's rights of way and ditches, and to ensure city equipment does not continue to be damaged.
Alderman Mike Chandler was among those who spoke out against the regulating of burning yard waste during the first reading, alleging the ordinance was, in fact, a burn ban in disguise.
At Tuesday's committee meeting, Chandler called for a point of order to stop the discussion.
Madison said the point of order was a procedural technicality.
Madison will meet with public works director Monty Ledbetter and Mayor Jill Dabbs, he said, to make sure he fully understands the intended goal of the ordinance. If it gets brought up again at all, it will be during a City Council meeting, Madison said.
The committee also discussed an ordinance governing liens for cleaning up abandoned property in the city limits. This ordinance was discussed before being placed on the City Council agenda for September.
The committee also discussed CD investments recommended by the Street Committee, including a one-year CD for $350,000 on the Alcoa Road Project; and a six-month $400,000 CD for the Lindsey Project.
The committee also discussed a proposal to purchase a trackhoe for the city's water crew in order to save money currently spent leasing such equipment.
The Bryant Historical Society also gave an update on 2011 projects and presented a request for 2012 funds, sharing its 2012 project list.