Bryant girls' golf places 2nd

EL DORADO – The Bryant Hornets and Benton Panthers golf teams both participated in the 17th Annual Simmons First Wildcat Invitational Golf Tournament on Monday. The Bryant girls finished best out of the Saline County schools with a second-place finish behind Conway. The Bryant boys finished fourth and the Benton boys and girls each finished fifth.

Peyton Weaver led the Bryant girls, which totaled a 270 (Conway had 255) with an 83 (+11) followed by Savannah Cathey's 91, Abigail Magee's 96 and Kaylee newell's 127.

Senior Grace Lile led the Benton girls (290) to a fifth-place finish with an 88. Kaylen Presnall had a 90, Kristyn Coffman shot a 112 and Karli Lipinski a 117.

Tyler Green had a 79 (+7) to lead the Bryant boys (328) followed by Austin Harmon (80), Drew Castleberry (84) Chase Thornton (85) and Ross Weaver (89). The El Dorado boys (317) defeated Conway in a playoff to win the tournament.

The Benton boys (340) were led by senior Austin Eoff with a 75 (+3). Keith Hammer and Cameron Treece each had an 87 and Coulton Lee finished with a 91.

"It was a disappointment Monday at the El Dorado Tournament after playing so well the week before," Benton Coach Chad Pitts said. "For the boys, we're going to have to get better on the that course because that's where our state tournament is. We don't have the option to blame it on the course. We have to get better."

Both the Benton boys and girls won their previous tournament at Stonelinks Golf Course in North Little Rock, but both had trouble with the narrowness of El Dorado Country Club's course, as well as small greens.

"It's got small greens," Pitts said. "Very small greens. Most of the time, on your approach shot, you're aiming toward the flag. On that course, it's better to aim for the green. If you aim for the flag and miss, you could be off [the green].

"It's a tight course. It's not very wide. I think we struggled with the greens more than anything. The good thing about it is we do get to go down there in late September about two weeks before the State Tournament. We'll have another round on that course again before we go to state."

Benton will play at Glenwood next on Tuesday and Bryant will go to Conway on Monday.