Bryant native not ‘too old,’ bags 8-point deer

Have you ever used the phrase, “I’m getting too old for this?” Well, it doesn’t apply to Bryant native Frank Myers Sr.
Myers, who will turn 93-years-old on Dec. 9, shot an 8-point deer from about 50 yards away over the Thanksgiving weekend at his son’s deer camp in Union County.
“He invites me down every year on Thanksgiving day to his camp down in south Arkansas,” Myers said of his son. “They hadn’t seen many deer, but I saw five doe, four yearlings and the one buck. He just came walking out of the brush there, turned his side to me, so well, ‘You’re mine.’”
Frank Myers Jr. said it didn’t seem like a big deal to him because he was used to seeing his dad do things like that, but the younger Myers’ son-in-law and the rest of the camp were impressed.
“The deer was laying exactly where he had shot it,” Myers Jr. said. “It didn’t move at all.”
It wasn’t just the fact that the elder Myers shot and killed the deer with one shot, but the fact that he did it from a 10-foot stand that he got up and down without problem, and drove alone from Bryant to El Dorado, added to the feat.
The elder Myers has been hunting with his son the past five years and before his most recent kill where he used a Remington 700 .308, it had been two years since he had bagged a deer.
Myers was in the Coast Guard during World War II and retired after 22 years in 1962. Born and raised in Pulaski County, the older Myers previously lived in Benton before relocating to Bryant, where he has lived since 1995.
“He has an artificial shoulder, hip and knee,” the younger Myers said. “He had his knee replaced when he was 88. The doctor said, ‘You’re too healthy and you’re getting around too well not to do this. Normally we wouldn’t do this for an older person.’”
The younger Myers said that his father recently drove to his home in Lufkin, Texas, and he asked his dad if he needed someone to pick the elder Myers up from Bryant. He said, “No, I can drive fine.”
The elder Myers said he had a grandmother live to be 104 and several other relatives from her side of the family surpass the 100 mark.
“In the genealogy book from her family, there was one lady on her 100th birthday, she renewed her driver’s license and took out health insurance,” the elder Myers laughed.
The younger Myers said he guessed that it was his father’s active lifestyle that allows him to stay so mobile, citing that his father was outside working in the heat this past summer.
“It’s just pretty impressive that he still gets around,” the younger Myers said. “He told me the other day his pacemaker is taking more out of him every day.
“I can see that he’s starting to slow down a little bit. But he’s turning 93 on Dec. 9 so I guess you’re allowed to slow down a little bit.”
The elder Myers is just taking life in stride.
“I’ll be 93 in nine days, so I would say I’m doing pretty good,” he said. “Living from day to day. When the Lord gets ready for me to come home, well, I’ll be ready.”