Caldwell retired teachers review Heifer Memorial project Tuesday

Several retired teachers from Caldwell Elementary School formally introduced a fundraising campaign Tuesday during two assemblies at the school.
The project will benefit Heifer International, a nonprofit, humanitarian organization that works to end hunger and poverty while caring for the land.
Heifer pursues its mission by providing livestock, seeds, trees and training in animal well-being and environmentally sound agricultural practices to families in more than 50 countries, including the United States.
Janis Barker, spokesperson for the Caldwell Retired Teachers organization, explained that her organization is spearheading this project as a memorial for Alice Glover, the retired teachers' former colleague who died in May.
Glover taught second-graders at the school for 30 years.
In addition to Barker, others taking part in Tuesday's presentation were Caldwell Retired Teachers members Martie Adams, Janelle Haley, Jana Brumbelow and Patti Snowden.
Barker reviewed the work of Heifer Project, sharing some specific examples of ways the program has helped people in poverty-stricken areas in such a way that has brought about sustainability.
Caldwell students were given letters to take home to their parents to request monetary gifts that will be put together and donated to Heifer in Glover's memory.
Four days are being set aside for collecting the donations: Thursday, Sept. 27; Thursday, Oct. 4; Thursday, Oct. 11; and Thursday, Oct. 18.
The total amount collected is to be presented to Glover's husband, Carl Glover, and their daughter, Cristyn Groce, on Nov. 20. That event will take place in the school gym.
Included in Tuesday's presentation was a video depicting examples of Heifer's successes.
Alice Glover reportedly developed an interest in Heifer several years ago while on a field trip to Heifer Project.
Also speaking to the students Tuesday were two volunteers from Heifer International, who noted that Heifer's headquarters are located in Little Rock and Perryville, the site of a working farm.
Heifer's philosophy reportedly is based on "passing on the gift."
This is explained as: "Families receive resources from Heifer, such as livestock, seeds or training. After their projects are established, families that received resources form Heifer pass on these gifts to other families in need in their community. This allows them to help others as they have been helped, to share the resources they now have in abundance and to become self-reliant."
Heifer reportedly bases its program on 12 Cornerstones, which are: Passing on the Gift, Accountability, Sharing and Caring, Sustainability and Self-reliance, Improved Animal Management, Nutrition and Income, Genuine Need and Justice, Improving the Environment, Full Participation, Training and Education, Spirituality, and Gender and Family Focus.