CARLTON: Back to Basics

Life can become really complicated. Sometimes we are to blame for the complications, and sometimes matters are beyond our control.
I work in a profession that brings me into contact with sick and hurting people on a daily basis. Many of the them are struggling with complicated situations that medicine alone cannot fix. We live in a stressful time. We surely need one another’s care, support, and prayers.
A lot of the stress that continues to weigh upon us in this nation has to do with our national government. (Well, our state government, too, but with an administration as bad as Obama’s, who has time to gripe about Beebe?)
Our national economy is in deep trouble, and I do mean deep. Our international standing is in peril. Our president has shaken not only our confidence, but the confidence of the nations who have counted on us to be their ally.
The overwhelming Liberal policies being foisted on us by this president’s administration are choking the life out of America. He is aided by the fawning media who act as his propaganda machine, keeping much of America in a fog of ignorance as to his true plans for us.
Lack of knowledge is beating America down. People need to know the basics of the Constitution, at least, and they need to understand what the main points of disagreement are, between the Liberal and the Conservative points of view on the issues facing our nation.
I found a website, which has a pretty good breakdown of the positions of the two sides on a list of basic issues. Here is a brief partial summary, by issue:
1. Abortion: Liberals believe a woman has the right to decide what happens with her body, and that a “fetus” does not have separate individual rights. They don’t think a fetus is a human life. They believe the government should provide taxpayer-funded abortions if the woman cannot afford one on her own. Conservatives believe Human life begins at conception and that abortion is the murder of a Human being. They believe that unborn babies have individual rights.
2. Affirmative Action: Liberals believe that past racism has deprived minorities of equal education and employment opportunities with whites, to the point that the government must work to make up for past inequities. Conservatives believe that individuals should be treated equally, regardless of race, and that employers should hire based on the applicant’s ability.
3. Death Penalty: Liberals are more likely to be against the Death Penalty, even for murderers.
Conservatives are more likely to say that the Death Penalty is the just punishment for taking innocent life.
4. Economy: Liberals want the government to regulate the market system. They want the government to protect citizens from big business and they want a level playing field, even at the expense of freedom. Conservatives want a free market system where competition and hard work are allowed to reap just rewards. Excessive government regulation is burdensome and stifles the economy, Conservatives believe.
5. Education: Liberals are the bigger proponents of public schools, government-run and taxpayer-funded. Conservatives are not against public schools, but believe that government involvement should be limited and that school choice is important.
6. Energy: Liberals believe that oil is a depleting resource that pollutes our planet and that the government should subsidize alternative energy research. They believe that gas and electric industries should be controlled by the government. Conservatives believe that oil, gas, and coal are all good sources of energy and are abundant in the United States. They believe we should increase production of these natural energy sources to lower the prices and reduce our dependence on foreign sources.
7. Global Warming/Climate Change: Liberals believe the climate is being changed by an increase in carbon dioxide emissions and that the U.S. is a major contributor to it, worldwide. Conservatives believe that climate changes are part of the Earth’s natural cycles, as evidenced by the various ice ages and tropical periods shown by fossils and other data.
8. Gun Control: Liberals do not believe the Second Amendment gives individuals the right to keep and bear arms, or that if it does, it should be changed or abolished. Conservatives believe that the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees us the right to be armed, and to protect ourselves and our families.
9. Healthcare: Liberals support free or low-cost healthcare, subsidized and/or regulated by the government. Conservatives support free market healthcare and know that all Americans already have access to healthcare and cannot be turned away untreated. They know that the free market helps keep healthcare affordable.
10. Immigration: Liberals are not only for legal immigration, but also support blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants, whom they believe have the right to vast government benefits at no cost to themselves. Conservatives are for legal immigration and oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants, who are breaking the law just by coming in illegally. Conservatives are for a secure border.
Other subjects on which Liberals and Conservatives disagree are Same-sex marriage, taxes, the United Nations, The War on Terror, and Welfare.
Generally, Liberals are for more government in the lives of Americans, and Conservatives are for less government and more freedom.
Being a staunch Conservative, I cannot see why anyone would prefer to have a government comprised of fallible Humans controlling our money, our education, our healthcare, our daily lives, and the future of our children.
Certain things are just not the government’s business. Let’s make sure we render unto God the things that are God’s, and unto “Caesar” that things that are “Caesar’s.” Don’t get confused into believing that everything belongs to “Caesar.”

Nancy Carlton is a resident of Saline County. Her column appears each Wednesday in The Saline Courier.