CARLTON: Barack, Hillary and the U.N.: United to take away your guns

Actually, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. They want pretty much all of your freedoms.
If, however, we let them take away our Second Amendment rights, we will have no means with which to keep them from taking away everything else from us.
There is a famous quote attributed to Isoroku Yamamoto about Japan not attacking the United States mainland because there would be a “rifle behind every blade of grass.” Though the quote has had some doubt cast on its substantiation, think about it what it says.
Who knows how many times our nation has been saved from invasion because our citizenry is so well armed?
Now, take that a step further. If the current administration’s rocket ride toward tyranny were to ever reach the point that either the United Nations or (May God help us!) our own government were to take up arms against the citizens of this great nation, the only weapons we would have with which to defend our families and our homes would be the arms that we had managed to keep from being confiscated.
Now, let’s see; Which of our fine, upstanding elected officials would want to disarm us?
Hillary Clinton has been on board for years with the United Nations’ plans to implement a global ban on small arms. This means a system of registering, banning, and confiscating firearms owned by private citizens.
Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton has warned gun owners about the Arms Trade Treaty and the fact that the U.N. is not being honest about its true goals, which are not just to control international arms trade between nations, but to actually control domestic firearms.
Barack Obama, of course, is all about big government and limited freedom for the common citizenry who aren’t part of the ruling elite. His affinity for George Soros, the “Open Society” pusher, is just one symptom of his longing for the government to get its tentacles into every aspect of our lives. He loves gun control. He would prefer a world where only the government had guns.
Guess what would be next if we lost our Second Amendment protection?
With a czar around every corner, thanks to Barack Obama, and executive orders flowing from the White House like a swift-running river, it wouldn’t take anytime at all to see the United States of America cease to exist as we know it.
I believe the current administration would just as soon sell us out to the United Nations, or simply nullify any semblance of our Constitution and Bill of Rights as they would do any of the treacherous things they are doing to us right now.
Have you studied Agenda 21? You really must be aware of this gigantic threat. Please go to or and read about the horrors planned for us.
Taking away our guns is just tiny facet of the plans already in the works if we don’t stop them.
Look at and ready about “Agenda 21 and Obama’s Rural Council”.
Start watching out for terms in news coverage such as “smart growth” and “social equity”.
Read about ICLEI and the plans for for “ideal-seeking behavior” and “sustainable de-growth”.
ICLEI is the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, a conglomerate of 600 national, regional, and local government associations who have already bought into the scam of man-made global warming or “climate change” and are ready to sell you out for it.
Along with your guns, they can take your land and everything you “think” you own, if they continue to get their agenda pushed through.
A look at their members list shows North Little Rock has been in their clutches for a good while now. Fayetteville is also a proud member. Rumblings of ICLEI were heard surrounding the recent Maumelle Watershed Project. Folks, ICLEI and U.N. Agenda 21 are all over our country like a big, ugly duck on a helpless little junebug.
They want your land. They want your freedom. They want “social equity.” They want your guns.
Please get informed. Get involved. Stand up for your unalienable rights.

Nancy Carlton is a resident of Saline County. Her column appears each Wednesday in The Saline Courier.