CARLTON: United Nations Goal - Eradication of Sanity

Sometimes when a columnist sets out to write a weekly column, he or she is frustrated by a lack of readily available reference material on the chosen topic.
This is not one of those times.
As a matter of fact, the more I searched, the more I was flabbergasted by the magnitude of the horrors, woes, and ills being heaped upon mankind by the evil, evil, EVIL United Nations. Did I mention they are evil?
The Rio 20+ United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, which is to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from June 20-23 of this year is a melting pot of the malevolent plans and plots from around the globe, converging to spew their intentions of taking down the United States and other “wealthy” nations while replacing freedom and decency with all sorts of concocted tyrannies to degrade Humans and elevate animals, plants, and Planet Earth.
If you thought that the massive transfers of trillions of dollars from wealthy nations to poor nations was the only horrific scheme that the United Nations plans to perpetrate on us, then you “ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” Check out:
The main goal of the conference is to make “dramatic and enormously expensive changes in the way that the world does nearly everything – or, as one of the documents puts it, ‘a fundamental shift in the way we think and act’.”
Many of the most radical parties with agendas to push have voiced their lack of patience with empty promises and voluntary measures to try to get people to follow their dictates. They are ready now to force compliance.
At we find that two years ago a new “ecocide law” was proposed to the UN. Polly Higgins is the green wacko who proposed it and she defines ecocide as “the massive environmental destruction that is harming people and our planet” and she believes that the only way to stop the devastation is to make CEOs and heads of state personally responsible for it in law.
Personally responsible for it! In law!
A mock trial has since been held in London’s Supreme Court in which it took the jury just 50 minutes to find two oil company CEOs guilty.
When the convention of agenda-pushers of this ilk get together in Rio this June, the environment isn’t all they plan to re-engineer.
Oh, no. As a matter of fact the equal attainment of global happiness is now on the menu.
The United Nations has already moved toward a worldwide strategy to enhance its inhabitants’ happiness status. It is to be a new role of governments across the planet. The World Happiness Report has been issued to the UN in New York and is intended to become part of a long-term reference framework for the Rio 20+ Earth Summit.
The world, it seems, is too full of contradictions and unfairness. Aristotle and Buddha are among the names listed by this loon Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University’s Earth Institute, as being sages who taught that material gain alone will not fulfill our deepest needs. So they plan to redistribute material wealth (steal the earnings of the “rich”) to promote the end of suffering, to push forward social justice and to help bring everyone - (here it comes!) - Happiness!
Somehow this vaguely reminds me of the “peace pies” being handed out to the homeless people in one of the “Back to the Future” movies. The homeless people weren’t taught how to work and make good choices to overcome their circumstances - they were actually just “doped” into feeling happy.
One other piece of bad news for good people that I came across in my research was at where I was none too thrilled to see that there is an actual United Nations University where they can shovel horrendous doctrines into the moldable minds of students on such subjects as “Governance of marine areas beyond national jurisdictions” and “What does good governance mean?”
The UN was, of course, all over “International Mother Earth Day” (April 22). They believe in the interdependence that they say exists among human beings, other living species and the planet. However, let me assure you that the ONLY one of those three categories where they will demand sacrifice for the benefit of the other two will be the human beings. Many pagans and “alternate beliefs” groups not only think that humans are no more important than animals or trees, but some believe that the Earth is a living organism. There is a Gaia religion, one among many who glorify the creation, and not the Creator.
If you think that all of this isn’t a real threat, that people aren’t really that misguided, please just do some research.
Obama is a supporter of this upcoming Rio 20+ Summit and is all for giving away our resources, our sovereignty, and pretty much all that we hold dear.
Do not be ignorant of the threats that hang over our nation. The United States is the golden goose that will be killed on the chopping block of the UN if we let it happen.