Cause of explosion identified

Staff Writer

Several residents reported Tuesday to the Saline County Sheriff's Office that they heard a large explosion near Peeler Bend Road. The sound was caused by a binary compound.
The SCSO deputies responded to the area soon after the incident and then later two deputies conducted a further investigation.
Thursday, a resident came forward and took responsibility for the incident.
"The investigation conducted by the SCSO has revealed that the explosions heard by residents were a result of a binary compound which is legal to possess. No illegal material(s) were ever in the possession of the citizen," said Lt. Jeff Silk, spokesperson for the SCSO.
The resident has expressed remorse for alarming, disturbing, upsetting and startling neighbors, Silk added.
"The SCSO deputies would like to express their thanks to all of the citizens who contacted the office with information pertaining to this incident," Silk said.