Committee recommends right-of-way, discusses fire stations

The Finance and Personnel Committee of the Bryant City Council met Tuesday evening to discuss the city's finances so far in the year.

The aldermen are recommending that the City Council discuss buying the right-of-way for the Echo Lake North Road.

Residents of the area say they are excited about this project and even recommended an appraiser, said Monty Ledbetter, public works director.

The city will have to spend about $250,000, which is already in the budget, to purchase all of the land for the right-of-way, Ledbetter said.

For this project, the city will have to purchase one home, he said. The owner of the home contacted Ledbetter and said she is planning to either sell the home or renovate it, so Ledbetter is pushing to start this project quickly.

The committee also discussed an evaluation of fire station 3 in keeping with a request made by Alderman Randy Cox during the July council meeting.

Cox requested this evaluation after Mayor Jill Dabbs reported that the city did not have the funds to build two new fire stations at the proposed time. The money the city is currently receiving is going toward paying off a new fire truck, Dabbs said.

Cox noted that he is unsure if station 3 is adequate for use until the city has the needed funds.

At the meeting, Assistant Fire Chief Brandon Futch gave the committee a revised quote from Crist Engineers about this project. According to the quote, the company can complete the evaluation of the fire station for $6,350.

"It's a lot of money to tell us something we already know," Futch said.

Futch and Fire Chief J.P. Jordan believe the structure should be razed, Futch said.

"We all know it needs to be replaced," said Chris Madison, staff attorney.

The committee decided to put this evaluation on hold and Alderman Brenda Miller said she would rather put $6,350 toward a new roof instead of the evaluation.

Joy Black, the new finance director will determine how fast the city can pay off the fire truck, Dabbs said.

The city is hoping to pay off the truck in a year and a half, she said.

Cox did not attend the meeting.